Uzhhorod Bus Station

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Uzhhorod Bus Station Stantsiyna street, building 2 on the map

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The Uzhhorod-1 bus station is located near the city center, so it is easy to get to. The railway station, which is located next to the station, serves as a landmark. You can take public transportation to the Uzhhorod-1 Bus Station, Bus Station, and Railway Station stops, which are the closest to the bus station.


The bus station can be reached by bus #24.

Shuttle buses

Taxis that run to the station: №9, 10, 58.

Зручності на

Зручності на

The large, modern building of the Uzhhorod-1 bus station provides a comfortable waiting time for the flight. Amenities include:

  • Waiting room
  • Luggage storage
  • Cafes and shopping kiosks
  • Restrooms
  • Ticket offices
  • Information boards
  • Payment terminals and ATMs
  • Charging stations for gadgets
  • Hostel

This provides passengers with convenience and comfort during their stay at the bus station.

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Bus - departs from the bus station Uzhhorod Bus Station

Bus schedules are available at our bus station information booth or on our website.

Yes, it is allowed, but only if they are in special carriers.

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