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It is quite easy to get to Dvirtsevyi Bus Station in Lviv, as it is located next to the railway station and public transport stops. Residents and guests of Lviv can get to the bus station from different parts of the city.


Dvirtseve Bus Station can be reached by trams #1, 4, 6, 9.


Buses that run to the bus station: №10, 16, 29.

Shuttle buses

Taxis that serve the bus station: №31, 32.

Additional stops

Some bus routes do not stop directly at the bus station platform, but a little further from the station. For example:

  • Stop near the cafe "Vechirnyi Vokzal"
  • Stop "Pizzeria Napoletana"
  • Stop "Pizzeria 0-24" (paid parking)

These stops are easy to find as they are located close to the station and have clear landmarks.

Зручності на

Зручності на

The bus station building is very convenient for passengers due to its proximity to the railway station. The bus station is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable waiting for a flight:

  • Sufficient number of ticket offices
  • Information boards
  • Payment terminals
  • Waiting room
  • Restrooms

There are various cafes and shops on the territory of the bus station. The new building of the Dvortseve Bus Station is equipped to meet the needs of passengers with disabilities. Free Wi-Fi is also available.

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Bus schedules are available at our bus station information booth or on our website.

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