Insurance at Heybus

Insurance is an important part of passenger transport that ensures the protection and safety of passengers. Heybus cares about its customers and offers insurance to cover unforeseen situations and provide peace of mind and reassurance when travelling. Further details and benefits of insurance with Heybus will follow. Heybus insurance is an important part of passenger transport that provides protection and security.

Why is insurance while travelling by bus important?

Insurance when travelling by coach is an important aspect of passenger safety and protection. Here are some reasons why insurance is an important part of your journey: Bus travel insurance is an important aspect of passenger safety.

  1. Medical expenses. Insurance can cover medical expenses if you experience an unpredictable injury or become ill. This can help you avoid the financial hardship of high medical treatment costs.
  2. Baggage Loss. Insurance can protect you if your luggage is lost or damaged while traveling. You will be compensated for the loss of valuables or have the option to replace damaged items.
  3. Expense Reimbursement. If your trip is canceled or delayed for reasons beyond your control, an insurance policy can reimburse you for hotel, food and travel expenses.
  4. Emergency situations. An insurance policy can provide help in emergency situations such as medical evacuation, help with lost documents, or legal advice.

Bus travel insurance allows you to have peace of mind while traveling, knowing that you are protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Heybus cares about your safety

Heybus does everything to make your bus travels in Ukraine or abroad as safe and relaxing as possible for you. But, unfortunately, sometimes accidents can happen that are beyond your or the bus driver's control. In such cases, insurance can be your best friend.

Heybus has insured each seat in the bus and, accordingly, the passenger who sits on this seat, for 100,000 UAH. The following cases are insured:

  1. Death of the insured person (passenger) as a result of a transportation accident, such as a traffic accident.
  2. Persistent loss of the insured person's (passenger's) general ability to work (assignment of a disability group).
  3. Traumatic injury of the insured person (passenger) or health disorder as a result of a transportation accident.

By choosing Heybus you can be sure not only that you are completely safe while traveling in Ukraine or abroad, but also that you will receive all the necessary assistance, including financial, in case of an accident.