Interesting walking routes in Warsaw

  • June 03, 2024
Interesting walking routes in Warsaw

Hiking in Warsaw is becoming increasingly popular among tourists and locals. This way you will not only see the main attractions, but also feel the atmosphere, perhaps discover little-known corners and learn more about its rich history. By walking, you can better understand the culture of Warsaw and enjoy its architecture and nature.

Historical center

Castle Square and Royal Palace:

Start your walk from Castle Square, the historical heart of Warsaw. Here is the Royal Palace, a modernization of the Baroque and Classical styles after the Second World War. Walk around, show your fingers and find out about its important role in the history of Poland. Continue straight to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, one of the oldest churches in the city, which served as the coronation site and burial place of the Polish queens.

Continue the route to Rinkova Square, lined with colorful booths, and then to the Barbican – part of the old town fortifications. These places preserve the spirit of middle-century Warsaw and convey the impersonality of quiet cafes and souvenir shops.

Old and New Town:

From the Old Town, go straight to the New Town, passing through Malovnichny streets. See the Church of St. Casimir, a magnificent icon of Baroque architecture. Having walked further, you will reach the Palace of Culture and Science – one of the most important buildings in Warsaw. Climb up to the observation maidan to enjoy the panoramic view.

Finish the route at the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising, which tells about the heroic support of the local people during the Second World War. This museum features interactive exhibits and detailed exhibitions that help you better understand the history of the place.

Scenic Areas


Start your walk in the Żeliborz district, one of the greenest areas of Warsaw. A starting point could be the Ciutadella Park, where you can enjoy wild vegetation and art installations. Stroll through the park, then head to Villa Brucalski and the Church of St. Stanislav Kostka. Finish at the Forest Observation Deck for stunning views of the city.

Saska Kemp:

The route through the Saska Kempa region starts from the Laska colony, built in 1926. A walk along Katowice Street will allow you to see unique buildings of the interwar avant-garde. Stop by Patisserie Irena at Zakopińska 20 to try Warsaw's famous donuts. Next, go to the Eureka bookstore at 15 Frantsuzskaya Street. Complete the route admiring the green streets and historic buildings of the area.


Start your walk in Brodno Park, famous for its green spaces and historical sites. The route includes a visit to Brodno Forest, where Warsaw was founded in the 10th century. Walk through Grzegorz Ciechowski Square and stop at Folwark Brodno. Finish your walk at Brodno Cemetery, one of the oldest in the city, where you can see many historical figures.

walking routes in Warsaw

Nature routes

Lazienki Park:

Start your walk in Lazienki Park, Warsaw's largest park. The entrance to the park can be found from Agrykola or Aleje Ujazdowskie streets. First, take a walk to the Water Palace, a beautiful building surrounded by ponds and green spaces. Then head to the amphitheater, which is often used for outdoor concerts and performances. Continuing further, visit the greenhouse, where you can see a variety of plants and flowers. Lazienki Park is also famous for its peacocks and the numerous sculptures scattered throughout the area.

Botanical Garden and Pomechowek:

For the next route, start from the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences. To get there, take bus number 139 from the Wilanowska metro station to the Ogród Botaniczny stop. In the garden you can enjoy walking along paths surrounded by unique plants and flowers from around the world. After visiting the garden, head to the village of Pomiechowek, located 34 km from Warsaw. You can get there by train from Warsaw-Gdańsk station to Pomiechówek station.

In Pomehuwek, be sure to walk along the aerial path installed between the trees at the height of their crowns. These suspension bridges and platforms offer unusual views and the opportunity to learn more about local birds and plants. Finally, take a stroll through Dolina Wkry Park, where you can find rope courses and a wooden observation tower​.

Water routes

Walks along the Vistula:

Start your boat trip along the Vistula River with a water bus. From May to August, this transport runs along the Vistula, allowing you to enjoy picturesque views of Warsaw from the water. The route starts at the pier near the Old Town and runs along the embankment, offering views of the historical and modern sights of the city.

Next is the ferry crossing, which is free and available at several points along the river. This is a great way to quickly and conveniently cross the Vistula, enjoying fresh air and beautiful scenery.

If you have more time, take the Zefir ship, which sails between Warsaw and Serock. This route takes about 2.5 hours one way and allows you to see many interesting places along the way. There are recreational facilities on board the ship, as well as the opportunity to book excursions.

When planning a boat trip, consider the seasonality of the routes. The water bus and ferries operate only in the warm season, from May to August. The Zefir ship is also available during this period, but it is better to check the schedule and book your tickets in advance.

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Walking is a great way to get to know Warsaw, feel its atmosphere and see the sights. They allow you to explore the city's historic districts, scenic parks and nature trails, giving you a unique experience. Warsaw offers many interesting itineraries, each of which reveals different aspects of its culture and history.

Before planning your outings, it is important to check the latest information about routes and opening times of attractions. This will help you avoid hassles and make your trip more enjoyable. Be sure to check the schedule and visiting conditions on official websites and reference resources.

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