Top 10 universities for Ukrainians to study in Poland

  • February 02, 2024
Top 10 universities for Ukrainians to study in Poland

Why choose a Polish university? Poland is a member of the European Union and a NATO member, which contributes to its economic and social development. Close geographical location, similarity of culture and climate attract Ukrainian applicants to choose Poland for study. Language also has a significant influence. The similarity of Polish and Ukrainian makes it easier for applicants to master the Polish language, ensuring a quick introduction to the student environment and practical adaptation.

Some Polish universities will be much easier for Ukrainians to get into than others. Let's understand the topic of higher education in Poland and tell you how to enter a Polish university.

What are the different types of universities in Poland?

  1. Traditional universities. They can award degrees in a minimum of 12 fields, including two humanities disciplines.
  2. Engineering universities. These institutions are authorised to educate students in the field of engineering and award doctoral degrees in at least 8-10 fields, of which at least 6 must necessarily be technical.
  3. Polytechnic Universities. Such institutions may award degrees in more than 6 fields, covering a variety of areas. However, at least 80 per cent of them must be technical.
  4. Specialised universities. They grant degrees in 4-6 fields, including four compulsory majors: medical, economic, creative, legal, or military.
  5. Academies. These educational institutions educate students in various fields and award doctoral degrees in at least two disciplines.
  6. High schools and colleges. These are educational institutions that can award higher education diplomas and professional qualifications only at the bachelor's and master's levels.

Challenges for international students

All higher education institutions in Poland are divided into public and private. Local students more often choose public ones, because they help them better to find a job after their studies. But for foreign students there are some difficulties. For example, if you don't have a Polish Card to enter a public university as a Polish citizen, the admission process can be difficult. Also, job chances for Ukrainians are not very high because state universities prefer Polish graduates. It is very difficult to get a budget place at a state university because of the large number of students.

How to choose a university in Poland

How to choose a university

There are many universities in Poland, and how to choose the right one? When you have chosen several options, compare them according to several important criteria.

  1. Cost of tuition. Look at how much it will cost to study. On average between 900 and 10000 euros, but it's best to check on university websites.
  2. Study programmes. Find out what subjects you will study. This information can be found on university websites.
  3. Entry requirements. You need to understand how well you need to know Polish or English and how to prove it. And what papers you need for admission.
  4. Housing. It is important to find out if there are dormitories. If not, you need to consider housing options and their cost beforehand.
  5. University ranking. Look at the nationwide Perspektywy rating. There you will find university rankings in different areas.

Simply put, compare prices, programmes, entry requirements, accommodation and rankings to choose the right university in Poland.

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Best universities for foreigners

Poland has a ton of universities, and some of them are a great combination of price and quality. Let's talk about a few:

  1. Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw is a prestigious business school founded in 1993. This private university has three accreditations: AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS. Financial Times named it the best business school in Central-Eastern Europe, and it regularly ranks high in rankings.
  2. Wrocław Business University (WSH) - it trains specialists in humanities and economics. There are many chances for internationalisation and even double degrees.
  3. SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities - one of the best humanities universities in Poland. With branches in several cities, the university provides education in 35 specialities and is top-ranked in rankings.
  4. Academy of Finance and Business Wistula - a well-known Warsaw university where you can study in Polish or English. The teaching staff is 210 people, 50 of whom are doctors of science and professors.
  5. Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań is an innovative private educational institution. Co-operation with Polish companies and an emphasis on practical skills make it attractive to students.
  6. University of Banking (WSB) in Wroclaw - This private university teaches business, administration, and economics. They even offer students international internships.
  7. Academy of Social Sciences in Warsaw is one of the most prestigious universities in Poland. You can study here in different fields: from management to English philology.
  8. University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM) is a public institution in Olsztyn. Its specialisation in life sciences makes it one of the best in the world in this field.
  9. Collegium Civitas in Warsaw is a highly ranked private university emphasising theory and practice. Seven times first place in the "Wprost" ranking speak for its quality.
  10. Wrocław University of Management (WSZ) is the best private university for business. Special emphasis is placed on management and computer science. And students can also get scholarships for their success in sports and science.

Tips for finding a university in Poland

Tips for finding a university in Poland

Choosing a university for the next 4-5 years can be difficult, especially if you are going to study abroad. Let's find out how to make this choice easier.

  1. Choosing a speciality. Decide what you want to do. Follow your interests and skills. It is also important to consider that some professions are more in demand on the labour market.
  2. Finances. Estimate how much money you can allocate to your studies. Enrolling in a private university may be easier, but cost more. If you choose a state university, prepare for thorough preparation and be patient.
  3. Choosing a city. Each city in Poland is unique. Some are suitable for student life, others are interesting from a tourist point of view. Think about the financial side, as studying in some cities may be cheaper. Make sure you know basic information such as transport, prices and local features.

Studying at Polish universities costs money, no matter where you go. You need patience, knowledge and funds, enough to study the culture of the country to fit in and make the right choice.

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