Scholarships for Ukrainian students in Poland

  • March 28, 2024
Scholarships for Ukrainian students in Poland

Studying abroad is not only an opportunity to improve your academic knowledge and skills, but also a chance to immerse yourself in a new cultural environment, broaden your horizons and make friends from all over the world. For Ukrainian students seeking to study in Poland, the issue of funding plays a key role. Fortunately, there are many scholarship programs in Poland that can help cover tuition and living expenses. 

These programs offer a variety of support, from social grants for those in difficult life situations to scholarships for academic excellence and research grants. Regardless of your academic interests or financial situation, it is possible to find a suitable financial support program in Poland.

Who is eligible for the scholarship?

One of the types of support is a social scholarship. It is intended for students who find themselves in a difficult life situation and have financial difficulties. In order to qualify for this scholarship, it is necessary to provide evidence of one's financial situation, such as a certificate of income. Importantly, this scholarship is available to students regardless of their nationality.

The START scholarship is available for young scientists and researchers. This is a unique opportunity for those who are under 30 years old and engaged in scientific activities in Poland. To become a candidate, one must have scientific achievements that are documented. This scholarship is particularly valuable as it allows young scientists to focus on their research without worrying about financial security.

There are also specialized scholarships for students with disabilities. These scholarships take into account the special needs of students and provide additional financial support to ensure equal opportunities in education and participation in student life.

In addition, Poland has various scholarships for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievements or active participation in social and scientific life. Such scholarships are designed to stimulate and encourage students to continue their efforts in education and science.

Scholarships for Ukrainian students in Poland

How do I get a scholarship?

To get a scholarship in Poland, the first step is to apply to the right organization or directly to the university if it is a social scholarship. The application process may differ depending on the type of scholarship and the educational institution, but there are some general points to pay attention to.

First, you will need to gather the necessary documents. If you are an international student, prepare a basic package of documents. This package usually includes: education document, passport, medical certificate, insurance policy, photos, language certificates, and a document confirming payment for the first semester of study.

Applying for a social scholarship requires an application to the university rector's office. It is important to follow the university's instructions exactly and provide all required documents to prove your financial situation.

After submitting the documents, the application process may take some time. Institutions and organizations that award scholarships carefully review each application to ensure that the support is directed to those who really need it and meet the established criteria.

Scholarships for students from Ukraine in Poland

Average scholarship

In Poland, scholarships can significantly ease the financial burden on students, helping them to focus on their studies and research. Social scholarships are intended for students in difficult life situations and can range from 480 to 1100 PLN. This variation is due to the individual circumstances of the student and the policy of the particular institution. This means that each case is considered separately and the support is calculated based on the real needs of the student.

On the other hand, the START scholarship for young scientists is a one-time financial support intended for talented researchers. With its help, young scientists can receive more than 30 thousand PLN, which is a significant amount of money that contributes to the development of scientific career and realization of research projects.

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What can a scholarship be revoked for?

Here are the main reasons why this can happen:

  • Incorrect information. If you gave incorrect information when applying for a scholarship, it is serious. They check the information thoroughly, and if something is wrong, they can take away the scholarship.
  • Failure to follow the rules. Each scholarship program has its own terms and conditions. For example, some require participation in certain activities or projects. If you ignore these conditions, you may lose your support.
  • Drop in academic performance. Studying should come first. If grades drop, this could be a reason for the scholarship to be withdrawn. It is important to maintain good academic performance.

In general, receiving a scholarship is not only a financial support, but also a responsibility. To keep it, you need to be honest, follow the rules of the program and study hard.

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