Entry to Polish universities in 2024: what Ukrainian applicants need to know

  • February 02, 2024
Entry to Polish universities in 2024: what Ukrainian applicants need to know

The Polish educational system offers a wide range of opportunities for Ukrainian applicants seeking to study at European universities. In recent years, especially in the context of the increasing number of Ukrainian students in Poland, universities have paid more attention to simplifying the admission process and integrating foreign students.

Changes in 2023/2024

In 2023 and 2024, there are significant changes in the admission rules for Ukrainian applicants to Polish universities. One of the key aspects is the introduction of preparatory courses in Polish language offered by many universities. This greatly simplifies the process of adaptation and integration of Ukrainian students.

In addition, opportunities for free tuition have emerged. Foreign students, including Ukrainians, can study free of charge at public universities in Poland, provided they have a C1 level of Polish. Applicants with refugee status, temporary or subsidiary protection, holders of a Pole card or relatives of Polish citizens may also qualify for this right to free study.

Preparing for enrolment

For Ukrainian applicants planning to enter Polish universities in 2024, the preparation process starts already in January-February. At this stage, it is important to find out about the required documents on the consulate's website and start collecting them. Among the required documents may be a matriculation certificate, a school certificate if schooling has not yet been completed, and parental permission for underage applicants. It is important that schooling has been completed no more than 3 years prior to admission.

The application process takes place between the end of February and 20 April 2024, at the Polish Consulate in Ukraine.

Entry to Polish universities in 2024

Stages of enrolment

The stages of admission to Polish universities for Ukrainian applicants in 2024 include several key steps:

  • Filling out the application form. Applicants begin by filling out the application form, which is available in both electronic and paper format. It is important to provide all requested information accurately and completely.
  • The interview is in Polish. The application form is followed by an interview in Polish. This is a test of language skills and an opportunity to demonstrate your motivation and readiness to study.
  • Passing the entrance examinations. The examinations usually include two subjects in the chosen speciality and a Polish language exam. These exams test the applicant's knowledge and readiness for the chosen programme.
  • Receipt of results. The results of the examinations are usually available within a few days. Depending on the results, applicants learn about their admission or the need for additional actions, such as a second interview.

Each step requires careful preparation and understanding of the requirements. 

Financial aspects

The financial aspects of studying at Polish universities vary depending on the type of university and the chosen programme. In 2024, tuition fees at public universities in large cities start from 700 euros per year, with an average cost of around 1000-1500 euros. However, for some specialities, such as medicine, the cost can be as high as €2,000 per year.

However, there are also opportunities for free tuition. Foreign students, including Ukrainians, can qualify for free tuition provided they have a C1 level of Polish and have a certain status, such as refugee or temporary protection. For Pole card holders or relatives of Polish citizens there are also certain benefits and opportunities for free tuition (but not all universities offer such opportunities).

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Support and adaptation of students

Support and adaptation of Ukrainian students in Polish universities are organised at a high level. In addition to educational aspects, important attention is paid to organisational issues and travel to Poland. Organisations such as OsvitaPol help students with the preparation of documents and travel arrangements. Upon arrival in Poland, students are welcomed and assisted with accommodation, as well as guided orientation tours of the city and the institution.

Educational institutions also offer various adaptation and integration programmes, including Polish language courses and cultural events. For Ukrainian students, some universities have special counselling and support services to help with academic and day-to-day issues.

Best Polish universities for Ukrainians in 2023-2024

Benefits for certain categories of citizens

There are various benefits for Ukrainian students in Poland, especially for those in certain categories. For example, students who have been granted refugee status or temporary protection are entitled to free tuition at public universities in Poland. Also, students with UCR status (indicating Ukrainian origin) may qualify for additional benefits and support.

These benefits may include not only exemption from tuition fees, but also the possibility to receive scholarships, subsidies and other financial incentives. Particular attention is paid to supporting students with disabilities and those in need of additional social support.

It is important to note that the conditions and availability of benefits may change, so it is recommended to check directly with your chosen institution or through advisory organisations before enrolling.

Best Polish universities for Ukrainians in 2023-2024

Among the best Polish universities for Ukrainian applicants in 2023-2024 stand out:

  1. University of Warsaw (Uniwersytet Warszawski). One of the most prestigious universities in Poland, offering a wide range of programmes in English and Polish. Students are provided with benefits such as free tuition for certain categories of students, as well as scholarships.
  2. Jagiellonian University (Uniwersytet Jagielloński) in Krakow. The oldest university in Poland, known for its high academic standards. Attractive to international students, especially in the fields of medicine and humanities.
  3. Wroclaw University (Uniwersytet Wrocławski). Offers a variety of study programmes and actively attracts international students, including Ukrainians, with comprehensive adaptation and support programmes.
  4. Poznan University of Economics and Business (Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Poznaniu). An ideal place for those interested in economics, business and management. The University actively co-operates with the business sector, which opens up additional opportunities for students for internships and practicums.

These universities offer Ukrainian students not only quality education, but also a variety of support programmes, which makes them an attractive choice for international applicants. Each of these universities has its own peculiarities of admission and conditions for international students, so it is recommended to study detailed information on the official websites of the universities before making a choice.

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