Active vacation in Poland

  • June 22, 2024
Active vacation in Poland

Poland offers a variety of opportunities for active vacations. Here you can find ski resorts, water sports, hiking and cycling, as well as amusement parks. Zakopane and Szczyrk are known for their ski slopes, Lake Sniardwy is suitable for kayaking and windsurfing, and the Baltic coast offers scenic cycling routes. Parks such as Energylandia and Rabkoland provide entertainment for the whole family. Horseback riding and hiking in the Tatras and Sudetes are also popular outdoor activities.

Ski resorts


Zakopane is Poland's most famous ski resort, located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. The resort offers a variety of slopes for all levels of ability, from beginners to experienced skiers. In addition to skiing, you can also go snowboarding and sledding. Zakopane is also famous for its thermal springs and traditional mountain culture, making it an attractive vacation destination all year round.


Szczyrk is a popular ski resort known for its numerous slopes and modern elevators. This resort is suitable for both family vacations and professionals. In Szczyrk you can also find a variety of infrastructural facilities such as hotels, restaurants and sports complexes. The resort offers excellent conditions for winter sports and is a popular place for competitions and training.

Active vacation in Poland

Water sports

Lake Snyardva:

Lake Sniardwa, located in the Masuria region of Poland, is an ideal place for water sports. It is the largest lake in Poland, attracting kayaking and windsurfing enthusiasts from all over the country. Picturesque landscapes and clear water make Sniardwy a great place for outdoor activities. The Masuria region as a whole is known for its water bodies, which makes it popular among tourists and sportsmen.

Wake Zone Stawiki in Sosnowiec:

Wake Zone Stawiki in Sosnowiec is a place for wakeboarding and water skiing enthusiasts. Here you can rent equipment and take lessons from professional instructors. It is a great place for those who want to try new sports or improve their skills. Wake Zone Stawiki offers state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, making it attractive to water sports enthusiasts of all levels and degrees of fitness. 

Hiking and cycling

Tatras and Sudetes:

The Tatras and Sudetes are among the best places in Poland for hiking and cycling. These mountain ranges offer a variety of routes of varying difficulty, making them suitable for beginners and experienced hikers alike. In the Tatras, you can enjoy magnificent mountain scenery, walk along scenic trails and visit popular places such as Murowana Tatranska and Gubalówka. The Sudetes, on the other hand, offer equally spectacular trails, including trails around the Śnieżnik mountain range and hiking trails in the Kudowa-Zdrój area.

Baltic Coast:

Poland's Baltic coast is known for its cycling routes that run along picturesque beaches and fishing villages. The routes offer magnificent views of the Baltic Sea and the opportunity to visit local health resorts where you can relax and rejuvenate. One popular route is the Hanseatic Bridge Route, which passes through ancient towns and picturesque coastal areas. This route is suitable for all levels of fitness and is a great choice for families and tourists wishing to explore the coast by bike.

Vacation in Poland

Amusement Parks


Energylandia is the largest amusement park in Poland, located in the town of Zator. The park offers more than 80 different rides including extreme roller coasters, water rides and family carousels. Energylandia also hosts a variety of shows and performances, making it an ideal place for families. The park also has areas for children of different ages.


Rabkoland is a theme park located near Krakow, in the town of Rabka Zdrój. The park is known for its unique attractions such as the House Upside Down and the Museum of Records and Curiosities. Rabkoland also hosts unusual competitions, such as the championship of milking artificial cows and races on moving toilets (yes, yes, this is not a fiction). The park is designed for family vacations and offers a lot of entertainment for children and adults.

Useful rides and attractions:

  • Carousels and slides. Great choices for all ages.
  • Extreme rides. For adrenaline junkies.
  • Shows and performances. Entertainment programs for the whole family.
  • Unique attractions. House upside down and the Museum of Records in Rabkoland.

Be sure to find more detailed information about opening times and ticket availability online, before planning your trip. 

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Horseback riding

Horse farms in Gladyszew offer excellent opportunities for horseback riding enthusiasts. This region is located along the Baltic coast and includes scenic routes through the Warmińskie hills. Horseback riding in this area is made especially exciting by the variety of landscapes.

The routes are laid out so that riders can enjoy views of the sea, forests and hills. There are easy trails for beginners as well as more challenging routes for experienced riders. Horseback riding in Gladyshev not only allows you to enjoy nature, but is also a great way to relax and spend time outdoors.

Local horse farms offer both independent rides and excursions with experienced instructors. This allows you to choose the best format for each guest, whether it be a relaxing stroll along the coast or a more active journey through the hills.

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