Work for Ukrainians in Poland

  • February 02, 2024
Work for Ukrainians in Poland

In 2024, the situation for Ukrainian migrants in Poland remains significant and challenging. With the start of the military invasion of Ukraine, many Ukrainians were forced to look for work outside their country, and Poland became one of the key destinations. According to Eurostat, 4.27 million Ukrainian nationals were granted temporary protection status in the EU at the end of 2023, and EU countries have extended protection for them until 2025, giving them access to legal employment.

Poland offers many vacancies in various fields, including agriculture, construction and manufacturing, with different conditions and requirements for applicants. For many Ukrainians, working in Poland is not only a means of survival, but also provides an opportunity for professional growth and stability in uncertain times.

Labour market in Poland, relevant for Ukrainians

In 2024, the labour market in Poland for Ukrainians is a mosaic of opportunities adapted to different skills and qualifications. Major trends point to a wide range of available vacancies, including work in agriculture, construction, factories, as well as in the hotel and service sectors. These sectors actively attract labour, offering a variety of roles ranging from seasonal to more stable positions.

Average wages range from 16 to 22 zloty per hour, providing Ukrainians with a decent income. Work schedules also vary by industry and specific employer, but typically range from 8 to 12 hours per day with 5 to 6 working days per week. This provides flexibility in scheduling personal time and the opportunity for additional income.

Importantly, these trends reflect Poland's efforts to integrate Ukrainians into its economy, providing them not only with jobs but also with social stability during this period of uncertainty. This demonstrates a growing recognition of the importance of the Ukrainian labour force in supporting key sectors of the Polish economy.

Work in Poland for Ukrainians

Legal employment and documents

Legal employment in Poland for Ukrainians requires attention to detail and compliance with certain procedures. One of the key aspects is obtaining a PESEL number, which is now mandatory for Ukrainians wishing to work and reside in Poland. The PESEL number serves as an identification number in the Polish system and is necessary for many aspects of life, including access to health and social services.

In addition, it is important to thoroughly research and coordinate all details related to paperwork and travelling to work directly with the prospective employer. This approach provides legal protection and helps to avoid misunderstandings or abuse in the employment process. In general, the process of legalising employment in Poland, although it may seem complicated, is designed to protect the rights and interests of both employees and employers.

Areas of work and types of vacancies

In Poland, a variety of job sectors are available to Ukrainians, each with its own characteristics and requirements. Agriculture is one of the key sectors offering seasonal work such as harvesting. This requires good physical fitness and the ability to work in different weather conditions.

The construction industry is also actively recruiting workers, offering vacancies for builders, fitters and labourers on building sites. These jobs often involve physical labour and require specific skills or training.

Jobs in factories and manufacturing plants involve assembling, packaging, and quality control of products. These positions can offer both full-time and part-time work and often do not require special skills or education, only training.

In the hospitality sector, Ukrainians can find jobs in the service industry, including positions as waiters, maids, or receptionists. These jobs are suitable for those with communication skills and a basic knowledge of Polish or English.

Seasonal work in Poland is usually related to certain periods of the year, such as harvesting in the summer or working in the tourism industry. It offers the opportunity to earn money in a short period of time, but also requires readiness for intensive work schedules and physical exertion. Generally, seasonal work does not require high qualifications but can offer competitive wages.

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Regions and cities with the highest demand for labour

In Poland, certain regions and cities stand out with a high demand for labour resources from Ukraine.

  • Warsaw, the capital of the country, offers a wide range of opportunities in areas such as hospitality, construction and retail. This city is attractive due to its dynamism and many international companies.
  • Lublin, known for its historical heritage, is also actively recruiting workers, especially in the fields of industrial production and logistics. The city offers jobs in industrial parks and warehouses.
  • Gdansk, a major port city, attracts workers in shipyards and the transport sector. In addition, due to its location on the Baltic coast, Gdansk is a centre for seasonal jobs in the tourism industry.
  • Krakow, with its rich culture and history, offers vacancies in the service, tourism and IT sectors. Thanks to the growing number of technology start-ups and foreign investments, this city is becoming an attractive destination for young and ambitious professionals.

These cities are key employment centres for Ukrainians, offering a variety of opportunities for those seeking work in Poland.

Areas of work and types of vacancies

Security and social conditions

For Ukrainians working in Poland, security and appropriate social conditions are an important aspect. Most employers provide work accommodation, often for a nominal fee or free of charge. These are usually basic but sufficient accommodation, including the necessary amenities for a comfortable life. It is important that the accommodation meets safety and hygiene standards.

In addition, insurance is a critical element for any Ukrainian working in Poland. Insurance helps to provide protection in case of accidents at work or illness. Many employers provide their employees with insurance policies as part of their social benefits package.

It is also important to consider access to medical services and social support in Poland. Having a valid insurance policy allows Ukrainians to use medical services on an equal basis with Polish citizens. And this is extremely important, because the policy can cover (partially or fully), medical services, the cost of which in Poland is incredibly high, and the quality is no better than in Ukraine.

In general, when working in Poland, Ukrainians should pay special attention to the living conditions and insurance coverage, as it directly affects their well-being and safety while working in the country.


In 2024, the job prospects for Ukrainians in Poland remain encouraging. The country continues to be an important and accessible destination for Ukrainians seeking work and stability. An important factor is the wide range of available vacancies in various sectors, as well as the possibility of legal employment and social integration.

Ukrainians considering Poland as a place to work are advised to carefully research the available vacancies and consider their own skills and experience when choosing a job. It is also important to pay attention to the process of legalisation and all necessary documents, including PESEL number and insurance. In addition, it is worth paying attention to learning the Polish language, which will significantly expand employment opportunities and facilitate adaptation, and knowledge of other languages, such as English or German, will be a plus.

Working in Poland offers not only financial stability, but also the opportunity for professional growth and cultural enrichment. Given the positive trends in the labour market and support from the Polish government, Poland remains an attractive country for Ukrainians in search of work and new opportunities.

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