How to get a residence card in Poland and what it is

  • May 06, 2024
How to get a residence card in Poland and what it is

A pobytu card is a document that grants Ukrainians the right to temporary or permanent residence in Poland. It is an important step for those who want to work, study or settle in this country. For Ukrainians looking for stability and new opportunities in Poland, a residence card is a vital document. It gives the right to legal residence and access to work, social and medical services. It is not just a paper, but the key to a new life in a country where Ukrainians can build their future while maintaining close ties with their homeland. Obtaining a residence card is a significant step for Ukrainians on the way to successful integration into Polish society, opening many doors and providing confidence in the future.

Types of residence cards

In Poland there are several types of visit cards, each of which opens up different opportunities for Ukrainians:

  1. Temporary residence card (Karta czasowego pobytu). This type of card is intended for those who plan a temporary stay in Poland. It can be issued for up to 3 years and is often used by employees, students or family members living in Poland.
  2. Permanent Residence Card (Karta stałego pobytu). This card is granted for an indefinite period of time, usually after residing in Poland legally for several years. It is often issued to spouses of Polish citizens or persons with Polish roots.
  3. EU Long-Term Resident Card (Karta rezydenta długoterminowego UE). It is intended for those who have lived in Poland legally for more than 5 years. This card entitles you to reside in any country of the European Union.
  4. EU Blue Card. This is a special document for highly qualified specialists from outside the EU, allowing them to work and reside in Poland. The validity period is up to 3 years, after which it is possible to apply for the EU Long-Term Resident Card.

Each type of residence card has its own requirements and provides different rights and opportunities, depending on the personal circumstances of Ukrainians seeking stability and opportunities in Poland.

Grounds for obtaining a residence card

There can be various grounds for obtaining a residence card in Poland, here are the main ones:

  1. Work. For those planning to work in Poland, it is required to provide documents from the employer, including a contract of employment and possibly a work permit. It is also important to submit a certificate of insurance. These documents prove that you have a stable source of income and health insurance in Poland.
  2. Study. Students wishing to obtain a residence card must prove that they are studying at a Polish educational institution. This includes a document of acceptance to the university and proof of tuition fees. It is also necessary to prove that you have sufficient financial means to live in Poland during your studies.
  3. Other grounds. These include doing business in Poland and having family ties with Polish citizens or persons entitled to reside in the country. For example, for spouses of Polish citizens, proof of legal marriage and cohabitation is required.

Each case is different and the document requirements may vary depending on your specific situation and the purpose of your stay in Poland.

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Application procedure

The procedure for applying for a Polish residence card is quite straightforward:

  1. Document Preparation. First, you need to gather all the required documents. This may include application forms, proof of financial stability, documents from your employer or educational institution, and other required papers.
  2. Online application submission. Thanks to modern technology, many voivodeships (analogous to oblasts in Ukraine), in Poland offer the opportunity to apply online through specialised platforms. This simplifies the process, avoiding the need to visit institutions in person at the initial stage.
  3. Personal visit. After submitting an online application, you will most likely still need to make a personal visit to the relevant institution to provide fingerprints and verify original documents.
  4. The process of waiting for a decision. Once all documents have been submitted, the waiting period begins. During this period, it is important to stay in touch with the institution as additional information or documents may be required.
  5. Case Decision. In case of a positive decision, you will be notified that your visa card is ready. In case of a negative decision, you will have the opportunity to find out the reasons and, if necessary, to appeal or correct missing aspects of your application.

It is important to approach the process of preparing documents responsibly in order to increase the chances of successfully obtaining a residence card.Documents for a residence card

Peculiarities for Ukrainian refugees

For Ukrainian refugees in Poland there are peculiarities in obtaining a residence card that take into account their unique circumstances:

  • Legislative innovations. Poland has introduced changes in its legislation to facilitate the process of obtaining a residence card for Ukrainian refugees. These changes are aimed at simplifying and speeding up procedures, given the emergency situation in which many Ukrainian citizens find themselves.
  • Information events. Information sessions and events for Ukrainians with the status of UCR are organised in various voivodeships of Poland. These meetings provide information on the process of obtaining a residence card, drawing up the necessary documents and answers to frequently asked questions.

These measures show that Poland is committed to providing Ukrainian refugees with the necessary support and assistance in the process of legalising their stay in the country. Such steps not only help Ukrainians to integrate into a new environment, but also make life easier for them during the period of adaptation.

Documents required

To apply for a residence card in Poland, you will need the following package of documents:

  1. Questionnaire. Filled in and signed application form for a residence card. It can usually be downloaded from the website of the relevant voivodeship or the Office for Foreigners.
  2. Photographs. Four colour photographs that meet the standards for documents: clear image of the face, size 45x35 mm.
  3. Passport. Original and copies of all completed pages of the passport.
  4. Proof of payment of the administrative fee. Receipt of payment of the administrative fee for the application. The amount may vary depending on the type of residence card.

Documents in Ukrainian require a notarised translation into Polish. This applies to all official documents, including birth or marriage certificates. The availability of accurate and quality translations is a prerequisite for the successful processing of your application.

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