Advice on how to rent accommodation without intermediaries

  • January 15, 2024
Advice on how to rent accommodation without intermediaries

Tips for those who want to rent a room without intermediaries and at an affordable price for a long term.

Being in a foreign city or in the absence of your own housing, you often face the question of choosing a suitable and not too expensive place to stay. Despite the many offers on the rental market, it can be difficult to find a really favorable and honest option. Some believe that an alternative can be a hostel with quality services and reasonable prices.

To rent a room without spending too much and the risk of encountering scammers, it will take time and care. Remember a few key rules that will help you in this:

  • A realtor's license does not always mean he or she is honest.

  • Avoid rental offers posted on bulletin boards, in entrances or at bus stops.

  • Contact only proven and reliable real estate agencies.

  • Before signing a contract, make sure that the landlord's documents are authentic.

  • Both parties must sign the rental agreement.

  • Before signing, clarify all the terms and conditions of utility payments.

  • Do not take the statements about the "good condition" of the housing - make sure you see it in person.

  • Check all communications and appliances on inspection.

  • The contract should have clear payment terms that do not depend on exchange rates.

  • Do not stop at the first option you like: consider several offers before choosing.

By following these guidelines, you will be able to ensure a comfortable living experience without unnecessary risks and costs.

Secrets of real estate listings: what landlords and agents often leave out:

How to rent accommodation

  • "Repairs done." If the ad says "housing with repair", specify how long ago this repair was made and what exactly is meant by "repair".

  • "In excellent condition." The phrase "in excellent condition" can be interpreted differently by different people. It is not a bad idea to elaborate on this point. Sometimes so denote apartments where the roof simply has not yet collapsed.

  • "Bargaining is appropriate." The words "bargaining is appropriate" should be a signal to take action. Start discussing the cost immediately when you talk on the phone. It is often expected that after viewing the apartment you will not want to miss the opportunity and agree to the proposed terms. However, over the phone you can clearly understand the limits of a possible compromise.

  • Owner. Remember, when renting, you are not only getting a roof over your head, but also a relationship with the owner. You may have to deal with inspections, communication on any number of occasions, or even questions about your guests on a regular basis. Property owners are different, and so are the situations that can arise during the rental process.

How to reduce costs when renting a home?

  1. Smaller apartments are usually available at a lower cost. Don't forget to consider the size of the utilities as well.

  2. Housing on floors above the fourth floor without an elevator is often harder to rent, so these options may be more affordable.

  3. Consider unfurnished options: they may cost less than fully furnished ones.

  4. Housing away from the city center is usually cheaper, as rent per meter square is much higher in central areas.

What documents should I check when renting an apartment?

When renting an apartment, it is important to check the following documents:

  • A document confirming ownership of the apartment, such as a contract of sale, deed of gift or will. The documents must be notarized and contain the original signatures of the parties. They must contain the address, area of the apartment and other details.
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, confirming the landlord's ownership rights. This extract must correspond to the information in the purchase and sale agreement and can be obtained electronically through the Online House of Justice for a fee (80 UAH).
  • Documents certifying the powers of the landlord's representative, if he acts through a representative. It can be a notarized power of attorney, especially if the landlord is an individual. If the landlord is a legal entity, the representative must have the appropriate powers, which can be checked in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
  • Checking the landlord for debts and participation in lawsuits, which can be found out through the website of the Ministry of Justice and the Judiciary.
  • Technical passport of the apartment to verify the absence of illegal alterations and connections.
  • Clarification from the landlord about renting out the apartment to other tenants, which cannot be checked online, but can be specified in the lease agreement as a guarantee from the landlord.

Types of apartment rental scams

When renting an apartment, you should be aware of existing fraudulent schemes to avoid trouble.

  • Information services: If an agency offers only information services without actually helping you find an apartment, this may be a sign of fraud. By signing a contract that does not obligate the agency to help you find an apartment, you could lose money for invalid or outdated apartment contacts.
  • Fraudsters posing as owners: Fraudsters may rent an apartment for a short period of time and then rent it to victims for a longer period of time. The keys may not work, the real owner may show up, or your belongings may disappear. If a property has multiple owners, it is only possible to rent with the consent of all of them. Therefore, it is important to check the title documents and get notarized consent from all owners.
  • Scheme with "real owners": This scheme is aimed at non-conflicted people. After signing the documents, a person may appear claiming to be the owner of the apartment and demanding to leave the dwelling. In such a situation, you should demand to see the documents and, if necessary, call the police for legal proceedings.

Where is the preferred location for temporary rentals?

Rent accommodation

For those who are focused on saving money, a room in a commune may be the best option. However, the nuances of communication and the characters of the neighbors may become known only after moving in. Of course, for a similar cost you can find a more secluded and comfortable accommodation option.

Today, hostels are popular. This choice is due to a number of reasons: the affordable cost of rent and conditions reminiscent of home, make hostels attractive to different categories of people - from students and business travelers to newlyweds seeking independence.

The topic of temporary housing is especially relevant for students from other cities, especially for those who use bus transportation. Not everyone manages to get a place in a student hostel, and even if they do, the conditions there can leave much to be desired. Some forward thinking students have booked places in a hostel in advance. At the same time, the level of services is not inferior.

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