How to get from Ukraine to airports in Poland

  • January 01, 2024
How to get from Ukraine to airports in Poland

In connection with the events of the last almost two years, this is a rather pressing question. We will try to answer it as best as possible. 

Check if you are allowed to leave

The first thing to do is to make sure whether you are allowed to leave the country. This primarily concerns men of military age without the necessary documents. However, this may also apply to women in certain professions. 

Also, leaving the country may be prohibited for those who possess state secrets or representatives of certain positions in law enforcement agencies. If you plan to travel with a minor child, make sure that you have all the necessary permits and documents. The same goes for pets. All this should be clarified in advance, and it is best to contact the embassy, ​​customs or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All this must be done first, because if there is no permission, there is no point in going. Search FlightsImage

Where is the nearest airport? 

The closest Polish airport to Ukraine depends on which “side” you are visiting Poland. If you are coming from Lviv, the closest one will be Rzeszow-Jasionka International Airport. If you are coming from Lutsk, the nearest airport will be Lublin. 

Popular bus routes to Lublin

It should be clarified that Lublin Airport does not have a lot of destinations, and can only take you to a few cities in Britain, Spain and Germany. The best option in this case is Warsaw Chopin Airport. This is an international airport with many destinations both in Poland itself and in different countries of Europe and the world. 

By personal transport

Where is the nearest airport?

You can get to the nearest Polish airport by personal transport from Ukraine by various routes, depending on the place from where you are departing. For example, from the western regions of Ukraine, such as Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk, the route by personal transport to the nearest Polish airports can be shorter and more convenient.

Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport, which is the closest Polish airport to the Ukrainian border, can be reached, for example, through the Mostyska-Krakowiec border checkpoint. There are also alternative routes through other checkpoints.

It is important to consider road conditions, border features and route depending on your location in Ukraine. Before your trip, it is better to study the optimal route, take into account the time costs and possible restrictions on the way to the Polish airport using your personal transport. It is also useful to have a Plan B in case of problems or changes in travel conditions.

And the most important thing when using personal transport is parking. If you are planning a long trip, you need to think about secure parking for your vehicle. It is advisable to choose a guarded parking lot for security reasons. It will need to be paid for the entire period of your trip, and preferably for at least a few more days, in case of unforeseen circumstances that may force you to be delayed. 

By bus

nearest Polish airport by bus

It is also possible to get to the nearest Polish airport by bus. For example, from different Ukrainian cities there are bus routes to various Polish cities, from where you can get to the nearest airport. 

Some bus companies offer regular routes to Polish cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, among such companies, for example, there is Heybus, and through our convenient online platform you can order bus tickets without leaving your home. From there you can get to the nearest airport using local buses, taxis or other types of public transport.

Popular bus routes to Warsaw

Before traveling, it is better to study the bus schedule, routes and available options for transfers or additional travel from Polish cities to the nearest airport. Some airports have good transport connections to cities, which makes getting to them more convenient and accessible for passengers.

By train 

by train

You can also get to the nearest Polish airport by train. And thanks to the fact that UkrZaliznytsia has finally begun the fight against outbids, it will no longer cost as much as a round-the-world cruise in a luxury cabin. Opportunities for such trips may not be many and may vary depending on your location in Ukraine. 

To travel by train to a Polish airport, you can use train routes that pass through nearby cities or stations. However, in most cases, additional transport (bus, taxi or public transport) will be required to get from the train station to the airport itself.

It is important to research in advance the available train routes to the nearest Polish cities or stations, as well as methods of further travel to the airport. Some airports have convenient transport links to nearby train stations, which can make travel easier.

Be sure to take into account travel time, possible transfers and additional time spent moving from the station to the airport to make your train journey to the nearest Polish airport the most convenient and efficient.

By rented transport

You can also get to the nearest Polish airport by rented transport. Renting a car allows you to choose routes, make stops along the way and manage your time.

Before renting a vehicle, it is important to study possible routes, rental conditions and requirements for crossing the border between Ukraine and Poland. Some rental companies may provide a border crossing service, but this requires prior arrangement.

Upon arrival in Poland, the use of rented transport will provide freedom of movement. However, take into account the road rules and features of the road infrastructure in the new country. Some airports may provide parking for rental cars, making it easier to hand over your vehicle upon departure.

It is also important to consider fuel costs, insurance and rental terms. Plan your route in advance to maximize the benefits of rented transport for a comfortable and efficient journey to the nearest Polish airport.

On foot?

Theoretically, you can get to the nearest airport in Rzeszow on foot and/or by hitchhiking. If you stock up on essentials, food, a hiking backpack and a tent or sleeping bag, this is, in principle, possible. Perhaps this would be a fun friendly “challenge” (a challenge), or something that can be done “on a dare.” But if you seriously need to get to the airport and have some work to do - we strongly do NOT recommend this option. Even if you are doing this for some kind of joke, it is better to think twice.

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