What documents are required to travel abroad

  • February 26, 2024
What documents are required to travel abroad

Traveling by bus from Poland to Ukraine is a great way to discover the beauty and richness of both countries. One of the main advantages of traveling by bus is convenience and affordability. The bus routes between Poland and Ukraine are quite popular, so you can easily find many regular buses and choose a convenient departure time. Bus stations are located in the central parts of cities, which makes it easy to access them and allows you to easily organize your trip.

In addition, traveling by bus gives you the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views that open up along the route. The route from Poland to Ukraine passes through picturesque natural landscapes, villages and interesting places. You will see beautiful views of the polar landscape of the Carpathians, the majestic Dnipro River and other natural beauties that will make your trip unforgettable. It is also worth noting that a bus trip gives you a glimpse into the life and culture of different regions. You will have the opportunity to observe the locals, their traditions and daily life. This will add authenticity and uniqueness to your trip.

Documents that may be required when traveling abroad

Despite the recent events and the fact that most neighboring countries have almost completely abolished the document requirements for Ukrainians, no one has yet completely canceled the rules. Therefore, you need to be careful, consult in advance, for example, with the embassy or consulate of the country you are traveling to, make the appropriate calls or write an email. Here are some examples of what you should think about in advance;

If you are planning to travel outside of Ukraine unaccompanied by children, other relatives, or pets, you should ensure that you have the following documents:

  • internal passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • a valid foreign passport.

Crossing the border: a map of the passport of a citizen of Ukraine

Crossing the state border with a passport in the form of an ID-card is allowed only in cases where Ukraine and the country of destination have relevant bilateral agreements. As of the latest data, this possibility is provided by agreements with such countries as Turkey and Georgia.

International passport for international travel

When planning trips to other countries, you should use your passport as the main document for crossing borders.

Preparing for the trip: checking the requirements of the host country

The main document you need to have is your passport. Make sure that your passport is valid and has enough time before it expires. Some countries may have requirements for passport validity after the end of your trip, so it's best to check this information before you leave. Also, make sure your passport has enough free sides for visas and border control redemptions.

Before setting off on a trip, it is recommended that you contact the consular services or embassies of the countries you plan to visit to clarify the current entry rules and the need for additional documents. Not every country will allow entry on the basis of a Ukrainian passport alone, so it is important to check this information in advance.

documents for traveling abroad

Documents required for traveling abroad with children

When traveling with children or teenagers outside the country, it is important to have the following documents with you:

  • For children under the age of 14, a birth certificate is required; from the age of 14, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine.
  • Supporting documents proving family ties to the child. If the mother and the child have different surnames, additional documents may be required, such as a marriage certificate, a court decision on its dissolution, or other legal documents.
  • Foreign passport of the mother or legal guardian.
  • A passport for the child, unless the child's information is already included in the passport of one of the parents.

It is also worth noting that, regardless of age, a child can have his or her own passport, which will allow him or her to travel without any additional complications.

Document requirements for traveling abroad with pets

Due to the events in Ukraine, the European Union has temporarily simplified the rules for crossing its borders for Ukrainians and their pets. However, with the resumption of the standard regime, certain conditions must be met in order to take animals out of the country.

The list of required documents and conditions for your four-legged friend includes:

  • Installation of an identification microchip.
  • Mandatory rabies vaccination, which must be done no earlier than one month before the planned date of travel.
  • Issuance of a passport for pets that meets European standards.
  • Obtaining a health certificate issued no later than 5 days before departure.
  • A test for antibodies to the rabies virus.

The passport must contain the following information:

  • Information about all necessary vaccinations, including those against viral diseases, in compliance with the deadlines: not earlier than one year and not later than 30 days before departure.
  • A photo of the animal, if it is over a year old.
  • A mark of chip implantation indicating the date and place of implantation.
  • Records of rabies immunization: name of the vaccine, information about the veterinarian who performed the vaccination, date of the procedure.
  • Information about treatment for ectoparasites and endoparasites, such as fleas and worms.

You need to have additional items with you:

  • International veterinary certificate.
  • A certificate confirming that the animal is not a representative of breeding value.

Don't forget that the identification chip must comply with international standards ISO 11784 or ISO 11785.


Documents required for men when crossing the state border

Men who intend to cross the border of Ukraine should be aware of the specific set of documents that must be provided during the inspection. In addition to the standard package of documents, which includes a passport and, if necessary, a visa, there are additional requirements:

  • An identity card confirming citizenship.
  • A military ID card for persons registered with the military, with appropriate marks on the status of service, or documents confirming discharge or unfitness for military service.
  • An official document certifying the right to cross the border if the man is of military age - this may be a permit from the military registration and enlistment office or other documentation.
  • A document confirming the purpose of the trip, for example, an invitation from a foreign organization or documents confirming a tourist trip.

These documents are required for verification during control procedures at the border, and their presence may be a requirement for leaving the country.

List of documents required for traveling abroad

List of documents required for traveling abroad

First and foremost, every Ukrainian citizen intending to cross the state border must be provided with a valid domestic and foreign passport. These documents are standard and mandatory for all categories of citizens.

Individual cases require the presentation of additional documents:

  • Men with disabilities must have a document certifying their status, such as a disability certificate or social support documents.
  • Persons who are in the reserve during mobilization and martial law must provide a reservation certificate or documentation confirming their business trip.
  • Parents with three or more children must present birth certificates for each child and a certificate of the father or mother of a large family.
  • Persons raising children without a second parent must have a death certificate of the second parent or a birth certificate of the children.
  • Guardians and foster parents who have orphans or children deprived of parental care must present documents confirming their rights and obligations, as well as the consent of the competent authorities.
  • Men and women whose partners have a disability must provide proof of this status and documentary evidence of kinship.

For more information on border crossing conditions and an exhaustive list of required documents, please visit the official website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

You can also use the chatbot service available on the Border Guard Service's website and in the Telegram messenger to quickly get information on current border crossing rules, restrictions for men aged 18 to 60, and other important issues.


The second important document may be a visa. Check if you need a visa to enter your destination country. To obtain a visa, you usually need to submit a completed application form, photos, a copy of your passport, and other documents that may depend on the type of visa and your personal situation. Please contact the consulate or embassy of your destination country to obtain detailed information about the visa procedure and required documents.

Medical insurance

It is also worth mentioning that in some cases there may be requirements for health insurance. For example, foreigners entering Poland may be required to have health insurance to cover the costs of medical care in case of need. Before you leave, make sure you have the appropriate health insurance or find out about the possibilities of taking out an insurance policy.

HeyBus recommends you carefully check all your documents before departure and make sure that you have all the necessary documents to enter your destination country. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact the consulate or embassy of the country you are traveling to for more information and advice. Remember that properly prepared documents are the key to a successful and hassle-free trip.

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How to prepare yourself for a bus trip?

Preparing for a bus trip abroad involves several important steps. Here are some recommendations to help you get ready:

  1. Check your documents. Make sure you have a valid passport and, if necessary, a visa for the country you intend to travel to. Check that your passport does not expire within six months of your return date, as this may be a requirement of many countries. Some categories of citizens are prohibited from leaving the country during martial law. Therefore, you may need a permit to cross the border.
  2. Learn about visa requirements. Check the visa requirements for the country you intend to travel to. Some countries may require you to pre-apply for a visa, so you should do so in advance.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the rules of foreign customs. Before traveling, familiarize yourself with the rules for importing and exporting goods from the country, including restrictions on currency, alcohol, tobacco, and other items. Avoid importing or exporting prohibited or restricted goods.
  4. Visit your doctor. If you have a medical question or need to be vaccinated before traveling, contact your doctor or an international health clinic. Find out about the required vaccines or preventive measures for the country you are traveling to.
  5. Buy insurance. Consider purchasing health insurance for international travel. This can protect you in case of unexpected medical events or other emergencies while traveling.
  6. Pack properly. Make a list of the essentials you will need while traveling, including clothing, hygiene products, medicines, electronics, etc. Consider baggage size and weight restrictions to avoid additional costs or problems during boarding.
  7. Save important contacts. Write down or save important contact numbers, such as the phone number of your country's embassy or consulate, hotel number, and contact information for relatives or friends that you may need in case of emergency.
  8. Follow safety precautions. Avoid displaying large amounts of money or valuable jewelry in public places. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings under supervision.
  9. Travel with a plan. Plan your route map, places to stay, and the main attractions you want to visit. This will help you avoid missteps and ensure that your trip is organized efficiently.

We would like to remind you that countries have different rules and requirements for entry, so it is recommended to contact official sources such as embassies and consulates or consult with travel professionals for up-to-date and accurate information. But for now, due to the events in Ukraine, visa restrictions for Ukrainian residents have been almost completely canceled in many European countries, especially in Poland, the Baltic Sea countries and others..

Documents are required to travel abroad FAQs

What are the basic documents needed to travel abroad?

To travel abroad you need to have a valid passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad and an internal passport.

What documents are required for persons reserved during mobilization?

Persons entitled to deferment from mobilization must have a certificate of deferment (reservation) or documents confirming a business trip.

What documents must a father or mother of many children provide?

Parents with three or more children need to provide's birth certificates for each child and identification of the father or mother of a large family.

What documentation is required for people whose wives or husbands have disabilities?

Such individuals must provide proof of their partner's disability, as well as documentation of family ties.

Are there electronic resources for obtaining border crossing information?

Thus, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine provides information through its official websites and chatbots, where you can get up-to-date information and answers to questions about border crossing.

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