How can you get from Ukraine to Poland?

  • May 27, 2024
How can you  get from Ukraine to Poland?

If you are planning a trip from Ukraine to Poland, Heybus offers a convenient and reliable way to achieve your goal. Heybus is a platform that provides a wide range of bus routes and sends comfortable buses to Poland almost every day.

Ukraine - Poland: routes and other details

Given the events of the past year, some travel methods are temporarily out of favor. For example, unfortunately, it is impossible to buy a plane ticket from Kyiv or Kherson to Warsaw now. Therefore, there are only three relevant travel methods left: personal transport, bus transportation, or railways.

While not everyone has a personal vehicle, or simply cannot use it, and the railroad is not suitable for you due to the limited number of routes, the only option left is to travel by bus. In this case, it is important to choose a quality bus transportation service provider. After all, your choice determines how comfortable your trip will be..

In this case, the convenience of travel is quite literal, because it is the transportation operator that provides you with the buses. If the bus is uncomfortable, not modern, and doesn't inspire any confidence in you, you can be sure that this trip will not be very good. So choose wisely. Heybus, for example, offers only the most modern buses with all the possible amenities for you during your trip.

how to get from Ukraine to Poland

What do you need to know about Heybus and traveling from Ukraine to Poland?

Traveling by bus is becoming increasingly popular among travelers due to its affordability and comfort. Heybus offers high quality buses with comfortable seats, spacious interiors and additional amenities to make your trip pleasant and comfortable.

Heybus offers various routes from different cities of Ukraine to Warsaw, Lublin and other cities and countries in both directions. You can choose the route and departure time that suits you best. Thanks to regular bus departures, you have the opportunity to plan your trip at a time and date convenient for you.

Buying bus tickets with Heybus is a simple and convenient process. You can use the Heybus online platform to select your route, specify the date and number of passengers, and then make your payment. All of this can be done with just a few clicks, without having to stand in lines or waste time looking for a ticket office.

Using the services of Heybus, you can be sure of the quality and safety of your trip. The buses offered by Heybus meet high safety standards, and experienced drivers ensure a comfortable and safe ride for passengers.

In addition, Heybus offers competitive ticket prices, which makes your trip to Poland even more affordable and economical. You can save on ticket prices and at the same time enjoy the comfort and convenience of traveling by bus.


How else can you get from Ukraine to Poland? 

There are also several other options that will help you get to Poland from Ukraine:

  • Car. You can travel to Poland by your own or rented car. There are road junctions connecting Ukraine and Poland, where you can cross the border and continue your journey to your destination;
  • Railroad. Take a train to Poland. There are direct trains from some Ukrainian cities such as Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv to Polish cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan. Choose a convenient route and schedule, and buy a train ticket;
  • Taxi or other hired transportation. Alternatively, you can also hire a taxi or use the services of private carriers who transport passengers in their own cars. Do not forget that in this case, you need to be very careful and choose only those drivers who have the appropriate licenses and a good reputation. 

Do not forget about the documents required to cross the border. Despite the fact that crossing the border with Poland has been simplified as much as possible for Ukrainian citizens, you should not neglect the rules, as you may simply not be allowed to cross.

Variety of routes Ukraine - Poland by bus

For a quick trip from Ukraine to Poland, there is bus transportation to Poland from Heybus. This option can be convenient and affordable in terms of cost. Heybus offers different routes and departure schedules from different cities in Ukraine to different cities in Poland, allowing you to choose the most convenient option for you.

If you choose Heybus, the following route options are available to you:

  1. Rivne - Lublin - travel time about 6 hours;

  2. It takes about 5 hours to get from Lutsk to Lublin;

  3. It takes about 11 hours to travel from Kyiv to Lublin;

  4. Zhytomyr - Lublin is a journey of about 8 hours;

  5. It takes about 8 hours to get from Rivne to Warsaw;

  6. Lutsk - Warsaw - travel time about 7 hours;

  7. Kiev - Warsaw - approximately 13 hours en route;

  8. Zhytomyr to Warsaw takes about 11 hours.

Choosing Heybus you can be sure of a comfortable and safe journey thanks to our experienced drivers and insurance, which you will receive for the duration of the trip with our buses. Heybus takes care of every customer, including our lesser brothers, because you can take your little friends on a trip. But before you do, we advise you to read our rules for transporting animals.

How much does a bus to Poland cost?

Bus prices to Poland can fluctuate greatly depending on several factors. For example:

  1. Seasonality. Certain seasons can affect the price of tickets. For example, tickets are usually cheaper in winter than in summer, because the summer season is usually the peak of tourism;

  2. Travel distance. This is quite logical - the further you have to travel, the more you will have to pay;

  3. Carrier. Prices also depend on the carrier and can fluctuate greatly. Heybus makes every effort to make the prices of its services affordable for everyone;

  4. Luggage. Bus companies always charge a small amount of money to carry your luggage. The more luggage you carry, the more you will have to pay;

  5. Pet transportation. Separate places to transport your pets can also cost money;

  6. Level of service. Different carriers offer different levels of comfort during transportation. For example, a ticket for a "bukhanka" bus, the simplest and very uncomfortable, will cost much cheaper than a professional bus for long-distance transportation, which has Wi-Fi, a toilet, comfortable and spacious seats and so on. But considering the distance and travel time, it is better not to save so much on such matters if you don't want your journey to be a hellish one.

Heybus does everything for its customers, which is why we offer tickets to Poland at the lowest possible prices, given that we use professional long-distance buses that have everything for your comfort. Bus prices to Poland from Heybus (please note, all prices are current as of August 2023):

City of departure City of Arrival Ticket price
Kiev Warsaw 1390 UAH.
Lutsk Warsaw 1040 UAH.
Rivno Warsaw 1040 UAH.
Zhytomyr Warsaw 1290 UAH.
Kyiv Lublin 1190 UAH.
Lutsk Lublin 990 UAH.
Rivno Lublin 990 UAH.
Zhytomyr Lublin 1090 UAH.

Comparing prices for bus Kiev - Warsaw

Trying to find services cheaper, but without sacrificing quality is quite normal, all conscious people do it. Let's compare the prices of different carriers for buses to Poland on the example of one route Kiev - Warsaw (comparison of all routes will take a lot of time). We remind you - a ticket for Heybus Kiev - Warsaw costs 1390 UAH. Let's compare prices for Ukraine Poland bus between different carriers:

  1. When you go to the Flixbus website you can see the prices which are very different. Prices range from 1700 UAH to 3000 UAH. Heybus offers a ticket to Poland noticeably cheaper without compromising on quality;

  2. Transtempo carrier offers its transportation services for an average of 1500 UAH.;

  3. Carrier EuroTicket offers bus flights to Poland for an average of 1600 UAH.;

  4. Carrier InfoBus offers its services for an average of 1500 UAH.;

  5. Eurobus can offer you services the price of which varies from 1500 UAH to 1800 UAH.

Heybus does everything to make your journey from Kiev to Warsaw comfortable, safe and cheap by adjusting the cost of a ticket to Poland for the sake of its customers. We have done our best to combine all these components of a comfortable journey and give you an unforgettable experience of traveling between Kiev and Warsaw.

FAQ - How to get to Poland from Ukraine

How much does a bus to Poland cost?

Heybus offers its services of bus Ukraine - Poland for 990 - 1390 UAH, the price of other carriers can vary from 1100 to 2800 UAH.

Where to buy tickets to Poland?

Heybus offers you a convenient platform where you can buy a ticket to Poland online for any convenient time with a large number of cities available for departure. The booking and buying process is online, you don't have to go and buy tickets in person.

How to get from Ukraine to Warsaw?

Heybus will help you book and buy online ticket to Poland (and Warsaw respectively) from such Ukrainian cities as Lutsk, Kiev, Rivne and Zhytomyr. The number of routes will increase in the future.

How to get to Poland?

There are several possibilities to get to Poland from Ukraine:

  1. Bus. Heybus offers convenient and cheap tickets to Poland;

  2. Automobile. You can get to Poland by private or rented car;

  3. Train. If this option is affordable for you, you can use the services of Ukrzaliznytsia to travel to Poland;

How to get to Poland from Kiev?

There are several options available to you on how to get to Poland from Kiev, one such option is the comfortable and modern Heybus buses, tickets for which you can book online in just a few clicks.

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