Information about the route Heybus Kyiv - Lviv

  • Distance between cities: 571 km
  • Average travel time: 7-8ч hrs

Route: Kyiv (Kyiv Central Bus Station) - Lviv (Lviv Bus Station Palace)

Kyiv (Kyiv Central Bus Station)
2 stop(s)
Zhytomyr (Zhytomyr Central Bus Station)
10 min.
Rivne (Rivne bus station)
10 min.
Lviv (Lviv Bus Station Palace)

Services on the route Kyiv - Lviv

  • Climate control
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Free WiFi
  • Socket near each seat (220 V)
  • Toilet

Ticket price Kyiv - Lviv

Route Дорослий Дитячий Студентський Люди з інвалідністю Пенсіонери Учасники бойових дій Домашні улюбленці Type of bus
Kyiv - Lviv from  600.00 грн from  600.00 грн from  600.00 грн from  600.00 грн Neoplan
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Frequently asked questions about the route Kyiv - Lviv

The distance between Kyiv and Lviv is approximately 571км. Please note that road conditions, weather, and other factors may affect the duration of your trip.

Traveling by bus Kyiv - Lviv usually takes about 7-8ч, depending on the traffic situation and other factors.

Bus Kyiv - Lviv departs from the bus station Kyiv Central Bus Station

Bus Kyiv - Lviv arrives at Bus Station Lviv Bus Station Palace

Yes, it is allowed, but only if they are in special carriers.

You can learn more about the transportation of animals here.