Information about the route Heybus Katowice - Rivne

  • Distance between cities: 620 km
  • Average travel time: 12-18 hrs

Route: Katowice (Bus Station “Katowice Sądowa Dworzec”) - Rivne (Rivne bus station)

Katowice (Bus Station “Katowice Sądowa Dworzec”)
3 stop(s)
Krakow (Krakow Bus Station)
5 min.
Rzeszów (Rzeszow Bus Station)
5 min.
Lviv (Lviv Bus Station Palace)
5 min.
Rivne (Rivne bus station)

Services on the route Katowice - Rivne

  • Climate control
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Free WiFi
  • Socket near each seat (220 V)
  • Toilet

Ticket price Katowice - Rivne

Route Дорослий Дитячий Студентський Люди з інвалідністю Пенсіонери Учасники бойових дій Домашні улюбленці Type of bus
Katowice - Rivne from  1 200.00 грн from  1 200.00 грн from  1 200.00 грн from  1 200.00 грн from  1 200.00 грн Neoplan
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Frequently asked questions about the route Katowice - Rivne

The distance between Katowice and Rivne is approximately 620км. Please note that road conditions, weather, and other factors may affect the duration of your trip.

Traveling by bus Katowice - Rivne usually takes about 12-18, depending on the traffic situation and other factors.

Bus Katowice - Rivne departs from the bus station Bus Station “Katowice Sądowa Dworzec”

Bus Katowice - Rivne arrives at Bus Station Rivne bus station

Yes, it is allowed, but only if they are in special carriers.

You can learn more about the transportation of animals here.