How can I find out about congestion at border crossing points?

  • March 28, 2024
How can I find out about congestion at border crossing points?

Crossing the border can sometimes be difficult, especially when many people want to do it at the same time. Imagine you are driving to the border for a long time and there is a huge queue. To avoid this, you can find out in advance how busy the checkpoints are. Today, there are special maps and websites on the Internet that show how many cars or people are waiting in line to enter or leave the country. This helps you choose a less busy checkpoint or adjust your travel time so that there is less waiting. Such preparation is especially important on peak days when many people are traveling or returning home.

Online resources for congestion monitoring

To find out how things are at the border, there are online resources that show the current workload of border crossing points. One of the most useful is the official website of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. There you can find an interactive map on which all checkpoints are marked with different colors depending on their current load. 

This is very convenient, because you can immediately see where there are fewer queues and choose the best route to cross the border. In addition, the website provides additional information, such as waiting time in queue and whether a particular border crossing point has webcams to monitor the situation online. This data is updated every four hours, which helps travelers and drivers plan their trips in advance, avoiding unnecessary waiting.

Congestion at border crossing points

Using the interactive map

To use the interactive map of border crossing point congestion, you need to take a few simple steps:

  1. Choosing a country and direction. First select the country through which you plan to cross the border and the direction of travel.
  2. View border crossing points. All available border crossing points will be shown on the map. By clicking on each one, you can find out its specifications.
  3. Information about webcams. If available, webcam information will appear so you can get a real-time look at the queue.

Color indication of workload:

  • Red color indicates high congestion - a lot of people or cars waiting for their turn.
  • Blue indicates medium congestion - waiting is possible, but not so long.
  • Green indicates low congestion, which is the best time to cross the border without a long wait.

Using this map, you can plan your trip in advance, selecting the most appropriate time and checkpoint to minimize waiting time. This is especially useful on holidays and weekends, when the flow of people and vehicles increases significantly.

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Congestion at border crossing points

Useful features and updates

The interactive map of checkpoints has some very useful features that help travelers better plan their trips. Here are some of them:

  • View the number of vehicles in the queue. The map allows you to see how many cars and trucks are currently waiting in line at a particular border crossing point. This makes it possible to estimate how long it may take to cross the border.
  • Frequency of updating information. It is very important that the information on the site is updated regularly. As a rule, the update occurs every four hours, which ensures the relevance of the data. Thanks to this, travelers can receive the latest information about the situation at the border just before departure.

These features make the interactive map an indispensable tool for everyone who wants to save time when crossing the border and avoid long hours of waiting in line.

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