Travel advice for first-time travelers - safety tips

  • September 28, 2023
Travel advice for first-time travelers - safety tips

Travel for a beginner is always filled with anticipation of adventure and unknown places. However, to ensure that your first trip leaves only positive memories, it is important to remember safety. In this article, we will share with you valuable tips and tricks that will help you stay safe on the road and enjoy every moment of your trip.

Assessing the crime level in the region

Assessing the crime level in an area is an important step when preparing for your trip. For first-time travelers, it is especially important to be informed about the level of safety at your destination. Crime can vary greatly from one country or city to another, and knowing the situation on the ground helps travelers make informed decisions.

You should first look at official data and crime statistics provided by local government agencies and international organizations. This may give a general idea of ​​the situation.

However, it is also useful to look at reviews and recommendations from other travelers who have already visited the area. Their experience and advice can be very informative and help you prepare for potential risks. Ultimately, correctly assessing the crime rate helps make your first trip safe and comfortable.

Thinking over a route to travel 

Planning a route is an important step in preparing for a trip, especially for beginners. Your route should be organized and take into account all the places and attractions you are interested in.

First decide what exactly you want to see and visit. This could be historical monuments, natural beauty, museums or cultural events. Then make a list of these places and determine how and in what order you will visit them.

It is also important to consider the logistics of moving between locations. Choose the most convenient and safe means of transportation, be it planes, trains, buses or renting a car. Don't forget about the time it takes to move, so you don't rush and enjoy every stage of your journey.

Finally, create a detailed itinerary and estimate expenses so you are prepared for the financial side of the trip. This detailed plan will help you be as organized as possible on your first adventure.

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We prepare all important documents 

Preparing all the necessary documents is a key point in organizing any trip, especially for beginners. Before you begin your adventure, make sure you have all the necessary documents in order.

The most important document is your passport. Check its validity period and make sure it does not expire during your trip. If you are planning an international trip, check the visa requirements for your destination country and begin the visa application process early.

Also, carry copies of all important documents such as tickets, accommodation bookings, insurance and medical certificates. Keep originals and copies in separate places so that if lost or stolen, you are not left without important documents.

Preparing your documents can be a little overwhelming, but it is an essential step to ensure your safety and comfort while traveling.

Secure locks and bags

Using secure locks and bags is an important part of staying safe while traveling. When you're in an unfamiliar environment, protecting your valuables and personal information becomes a priority.

To begin with, choose quality locks for your luggage. This will help prevent possible theft attempts at airports or on public transport. Make sure the lock is secure and not easily broken.

Bags also play an important role. Use bags with anti-theft features, such as bags with lockable zippers and extra pockets inside. Additionally, you can carry your bag in front of you to reduce the risk of pickpocketing. Choose bags made of high-quality and durable material that is difficult or even impossible to cut with a regular knife, for example, cordura - this is a type of nylon that is 4 times stronger than nylon itself. If you have items of special value with you, consider purchasing a Kevlar bag. This material is used in body armor and is incredibly durable. A Kevlar bag cannot be torn or cut without special tools, but they are usually quite heavy and very expensive. 

Here are several options for cordura bags that you can purchase:

  • Osprey Talon 65 Backpack
  • The North Face Base Camp Duffel Backpack
  • Samsonite Omni PC suitcases
  • Patagonia Black Hole Duffel
  • Thule Gauntlet 30L laptop bag

Here are several options for Kevlar bags that you may need to store the most precious things (the cost of such bags can vary from 2000 UAH to several tens of thousands):

  • Osprey Kestrel 65 Backpack
  • Pacsafe Vibe 55 Backpack
  • Delsey Helium 4WD suitcases
  • Thule Subterra Rolling Carry-on
  • Tom Bihn Synapse 25 laptop bag

Don't forget about the security of your valuable documents such as your passport and credit cards. Use special pockets or holders that will reliably hide them from prying eyes. Also, these most valuable and expensive things should always be kept with you while moving. If you are at a hotel, leave most of your valuables in the safe in your room; if there is none, check with the reception where you can store your valuables. 

Following these measures will allow you to travel with confidence, knowing that your belongings and personal information are safe.

Memorizing local emergency numbers

Memorizing local emergency numbers is an essential part of preparing for safe travel. In case of emergencies or urgent medical problems, knowing your local emergency numbers can be vital.

Before you travel, make sure you know the emergency numbers for police, fire, medical and rescue in the country you are visiting. Different countries may use different numbers, so it is important to be informed.

Modern smartphones also provide an emergency calling feature that allows you to dial local emergency numbers even if you don't have a local SIM card. However, it is better to familiarize yourself with this function in advance and check its functionality.

Knowing local emergency numbers gives you confidence in your own safety and can save valuable time if necessary.

Use of personal safety products

Using personal safety equipment such as stun guns, tasers (a stun gun with a range of up to several tens of meters), or pepper spray can be an important aspect of protecting yourself in some situations. However, before using such devices, you should carefully review the laws of the country in which you are located and consider any legal requirements.

Different countries have different laws regarding the possession and use of such products. Uncontrolled use may result in serious legal consequences. Therefore, before purchasing or carrying such a device, check your local laws and obtain the necessary permits, if required.

Such means may be useful in the event of a threat to your personal safety, but their use should be considered solely as a last resort in critical situations. It is important to always remember that safety is the highest priority and it is better to prepare in advance for possible risks by complying with laws and regulations.

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Avoiding crowds and congestion

Avoiding crowds and gatherings is one of the important rules of personal safety while traveling. In tourist areas and cities you may encounter large crowds of people, especially during the holiday season. In such circumstances, it is important to be able to avoid situations that may increase the risk to your safety.

First, try not to attract too much attention. Do not display valuables and documents and carry them in secure pockets or bags.

Second, have an emergency exit plan if the situation becomes unsafe. Study your surroundings in advance and understand how quickly and safely you can leave a crowded area.

Finally, trust your intuition. If something seems suspicious or unsafe, it is best to avoid the situation. Avoiding crowds is an important part of your personal safety strategy while traveling.

Contact with loved ones and the consulate

Contacting with loved ones and the consulate is an important aspect of ensuring safety while traveling. In case of unexpected situations or emergencies, communication with loved ones allows you to remain calm and receive support.

Keep in regular contact with family or friends, providing them with information about your location and plans. If something goes wrong, they will be able to take action faster.

Also, research in advance the contact details and location of the nearest consulate or embassy of your country in the country you are visiting. This can be useful in case of lost documents, serious medical problems or other emergencies.

Communication is an important part of staying safe while traveling, and having a plan to communicate with loved ones and access to the consulate increases your level of protection.

Useful services and applications

Useful services and applications

There are many useful services and applications that will help ensure your safety while traveling. Here are a few of them:

  • TravelSafe is an application that provides information about medical services, emergency services and embassies in any country. It can also warn you of possible dangers in the area where you are.
  • Google Maps - In addition to navigation, Google Maps provides information about the location of nearby hospitals, pharmacies, embassies and police stations. You can also share your location with loved ones to stay safe.
  • Safeture is an app that alerts you to emergency events, weather disasters and other threats in real time. It also provides region-specific safety tips.
  • TripWhistle Global SOS - This app provides information about nearby medical facilities and emergency services in different countries. It also has the function of sending emergency messages.
  • Emergency SOS (for iPhone) is a built-in iPhone feature that allows you to quickly call for help by pressing the lock button several times. It also alerts your contacts about your location.

These apps and services will help you feel more confident and secure while traveling by providing access to important information and emergency services.


We hope safety tips by HeyBus have helped you learn to manage your risks and make your first trip safe and enjoyable. Remember the importance of knowledge of local laws and customs, caution and care for documents and valuables.

Every moment of travel is a unique opportunity to enrich your experience and broaden your horizons. By staying safe, you can make the most of every part of your adventure. Don't forget to return home with vivid memories and the desire to go on your next trip.

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Elena Chernenko

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