Best destinations for a budget vacation in spring

  • January 01, 2024
Best destinations for a budget vacation in spring

Despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, not everyone can afford a luxurious vacation. After all, there are not enough vacancies for deputies in the country for every Ukrainian to earn money for a vacation in Hawaii. But don’t despair - you can have a great vacation on a budget! After all, there are a large number of countries that may not be considered very rich, but at the same time, a vacation in them will be not only cheap, but also unforgettable! Let's talk about some of these countries. We will also give you some unusual options. 

Some recommendations on how to save money while traveling

If you think that “saving” - means spending as little as possible on everything - then you’re not very right! After all, you also need to save correctly. Here are some recommendations on what it is highly NOT recommended to save on:

  1. Health. If we are talking about your health, be it necessary medications or insurance, you should not skimp on such issues. After all, if something happens, the costs of treatment will be much greater. 
  2. Housing. The issue of housing is a double-edged sword - after all, the cheapest housing is usually in the most disadvantaged areas. And in such places, tourists are usually not very welcome, and quite often they are forced to say goodbye to their jewelry, money, smartphones - and not always voluntarily. No, this does not mean that housing can only be rented in the center. Just do your research in advance and think about where you will live. Check reviews online, search some local forums, and ask questions. 
  3. Food. Food poisoning is serious! The rule here is very simple - you shouldn’t eat where you wouldn’t eat in Ukraine. Avoid overly cheap eateries, dirty cafeterias and things like that. 

But what can you save on then?! We answer this question:

  1. Food. Yes, this point is repeated, and no, this is not an error. Saving on food can be done right. It is enough to avoid popular tourist places - such as famous restaurants and cafes. Try to find more modest and lesser-known local establishments. Their prices are often several times lower. And the quality of service and food will most likely be the same. 
  2. Popular tourist places. Addition to the previous paragraph. In general, if you want to save money, you should avoid the most popular tourist destinations. You can find beauty and have a great rest even away from long-trodden paths. But this is just a recommendation and, of course, it’s up to you to decide. 
  3. Moving. In the vast majority of cases, this is a thorny issue. The most expensive option is a taxi and should be avoided. There are two other options - public transport (usually the cheapest) or rental transport. Moreover, you don’t have to rent a car, a moped or even a bicycle is also suitable. In some cases (if you move around a lot), this will save you a lot. Well, don’t forget that you also need to get to your vacation spot. Or at least to the airport. We will help you book bus tickets and get to your destination comfortably! 
  4. Leisure. You should not hire guides or go with large groups of tourists. Firstly, it kills the whole charm of travel, and secondly, it is often very expensive. Try to study everything on your own. But you shouldn’t delve too far - not every city and not every country welcomes tourists. 

Follow these recommendations and save wisely! 



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In spring, Poland has some great places for a budget holiday. Krakow is a beautiful city with a rich history where you can find affordable hotels and apartments. It is famous for its ancient streets, castles and delicious food.

Warsaw is also a great option. The city offers budget accommodation options and an abundance of cultural events, museums and parks.

Don't forget about Wroclaw - it is famous for its beautiful bridges and streets. In the spring there are numerous festivals and events, and accommodation prices can be quite reasonable.

In addition, in spring you can visit many nature reserves and parks, where you can enjoy nature for free or for a nominal fee. Public transport in big cities is convenient and relatively inexpensive.

Book your accommodation in advance and explore event ticket options in advance to save even more.


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Georgia is a great place for a budget holiday in the spring. Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, offers affordable accommodation in hostels or small hotels. The city is full of amazing architecture, cozy cafes and interesting sights.

Kutaisi is another great choice. This is a city with ancient history, where you can find inexpensive hotels and enjoy the atmosphere of ancient streets and squares.

Georgian provinces such as Svaneti and Kazbegi offer beautiful mountain scenery. Here you can go hiking for free or for a small fee and enjoy stunning views. Local food in Georgia is also not expensive and tasty. Try real Georgian khachapuri and khinkali in local cafes or restaurants - you won’t regret it!

Public transport in Georgia is accessible and relatively inexpensive. Explore ticket options in advance to save on travel around the country. Book your accommodation in advance, especially if you plan to visit popular tourist spots, to get the best prices.


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Goa is a famous destination with beautiful beaches and affordable housing. Here you can find inexpensive hotels and rent houses from local residents.

Rishikesh is a destination for yoga and nature lovers. There are affordable hostels and guest houses, and you can try yoga at low prices.

Kerala is a state with beautiful beaches and amazing nature. Here you can find inexpensive hotels or guest houses, especially if you come during the quiet season.

If you love history and culture, then Agra is the place where the Taj Mahal is located. Accommodation here can also be found at reasonable prices.

Food in India is usually available at low prices, especially from street vendors. Explore public transport, it can be more accessible to get around cities.


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In spring, Lithuania blooms with beauty and offers a unique budget holiday. Vilnius, the capital, attracts with its history and accessibility. You can find inexpensive hotels and apartments here, especially outside the city center.

Kladenci, Neris, Ratniče and others offer pleasant places for a picnic and relaxation among nature completely free of charge.

The resort of Palanga on the Baltic coast is famous for its beaches and picturesque parks. At this time of year it is not so crowded, and you can find affordable accommodation in guest houses or apartments.

Lithuania is also famous for its castles and manors, many of which are open to the public for a small fee. For example, Trakai Castle is an amazing place with lakes and bridges.


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The first non-standard option on our list. Cuba is a very poor country. And he mainly lives off tourists, most often Americans. But here all tourists are welcome. The most expensive thing in Cuba is the flight to Cuba. This can cost you up to several thousand dollars per ticket. 

But once there you will be amazed at how cheap everything is. For example, you can rent quite good housing for about $600-700 per month. Local fruits and vegetables, as well as all food in general, are incredibly cheap (by our standards). The only thing that is expensive is meat. There is very little of it, and locals are prohibited from using it, no matter how stupid it may sound. All meat is for tourists only. 

Well, it goes without saying that Cuba is home to cheap rum, cigars and great beaches! The weather is very warm all year round and almost never drops below 25C. But you should still be careful - tourists here, as in any country, can be robbed or deceived. 


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Yes, yes, this is the birthplace of King Julian! And Madagascar has incredible nature, which has everything - impenetrable forests, mountains, rivers with beaches. Food here is also very cheap, as is housing - prices are approximately the same as in Cuba, only there is much more meat. 

But you have to be careful. This country is not very popular among tourists, despite all its natural beauty. And there are reasons for this. Madagascar is an incredibly poor country. About 70% of the population lives without access to electricity, and approximately the same percentage of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition, it is very “popular” here. diseases that have long been eradicated from the rest of the world, such as measles, plague, and some tropical diseases. If you want to come here, vaccinations are required! 

But if you put all that aside, Madagascar can provide you with incredible and unusual experiences that you most likely won't see anywhere else. The most popular tourist destination is the capital, Antananarivo. There is everything here - cafes, restaurants, hotels, motels and an incredibly large abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables, the prices of which are several times lower than in Ukraine. Yes, even ordinary vegetables such as potatoes and tomatoes can be cheaper at local markets! Like Cuba, Madagascar has a tropical climate - the weather is warm all year round, the coldest time is the rainy season (which falls in winter, that is, December and January), the temperature drops somewhere to +20C. But the ocean temperature is stable around +30C, which means comfortable swimming almost all year round and even in the evening.

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