5 tips for solo travelers: explore the world on your own

  • November 07, 2023
5 tips for solo travelers: explore the world on your own

Traveling alone is becoming increasingly popular. Many tourists prefer to travel without company. No companions, family, guides or tour groups. Just you, your gadget for photos and maybe a music player in case of long drives. If you dare to embark on such an adventure, read our tips to help you make the journey comfortable and safe.

Choose the right accommodation

One of the main questions for travelers going on a road trip alone is where to stay? Hostels come to the rescue - a budget and cozy accommodation option. Before booking, read the reviews of previous guests - this will help you learn about the living conditions, safety and comfort.

Take care of your safety

Solo travelersSafety should be a priority, no matter who you are. Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Save copies of your documents electronically.

  • Make a note of the country's embassy contacts if you are traveling abroad.

  • Use only licensed cabs.

  • Do not leave drinks unattended in public places.

  • Separate your finances and valuables into different storage locations.

  • Familiarize yourself with safety guidelines in your chosen area.

Women should be especially careful in countries with different cultural and religious norms. In some countries, wearing a ring can help avoid unnecessary questions or unwanted attention.

If you have valuable equipment with you, make sure it is safely stored at your accommodation. Some hostels offer safes or individual lockers for guests to store their belongings.

Your choice is less stuff

When traveling alone, you are independently responsible for your luggage. Avoid heavy suitcases, even if it seems that all the things in it are irreplaceable.

In practice, a trip of a couple of weeks requires a minimal amount of clothing. Choose clothes that are easy to mix and match, dry quickly, and don't need ironing. As for shoes, versatile sneakers or sneakers will work for most occasions. And don't forget your bus ticket if you plan to travel by this means of transportation.

When planning to bring memorable souvenirs or local delicacies, make sure you have enough room in your luggage.

Open yourself up to new acquaintances

Regardless of your personality, it is always possible to make new friends while traveling to make your vacation fulfilling. How to find them?

Join free walking tours, known as "free walking tours". They are often organized by students studying foreign languages or tourism and gather many travelers.

Who's gonna take my picture?

Solo travelerTo avoid this issue on the road, prepare in advance. Equip yourself with a selfie monopod or a drone. Also, don't hesitate to ask passersby to take photos with your camera.

Many solo travelers create amazing vlogs and photo reports. They bravely explore the world, overcoming all the difficulties, meet different people and enjoy their independence. Adventures are waiting for you!

Elena Chernenko

Elena Chernenko

Elena is a recognized expert in the bus transportation industry. With a deep understanding of the industry and a wealth of experience, Elena has earned a reputation for reliability working with both large carriers and private companies. Her expertise includes route planning, safety analysis and efficiency of transportation solutions.

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